How does an Airbnb franchise give back to the local community?

Unregulated Airbnb hosting has garnered a bad reputation for destroying local communities and removing affordable housing options for local people, particularly in traditional coastal communities. But is it possible for short-letting companies to support their local community and give back to the people that live there?

Here at Pass the Keys, we are committed to giving back to the communities we work with. That’s why we have a zero policy on working with property developers and only partner with property owners who own a pre-existing second property. Our Franchise Partners pride themselves on providing a local service meaning they reside in the area, hire local people to work for their company and support local businesses. In fact, all 70 of our Franchise Partners live and work in the same area as the short-let properties they manage so that they can provide the best possible support for local short-let property owners. 

How does Pass the Keys give back to the communities in which we work?

All our Pass the Keys franchises would be nothing without the help of local people who allow these local businesses to thrive. From marketing agencies, photographers, cleaners, laundry services, electricians, plumbers and much more; our franchise owners are proud to provide various job opportunities to the local community. Whilst we may be a national brand, what makes our franchises stand out from the crowd is the local nature of our businesses. 

The premise of our short-lets is that property owners and tourists alike can enjoy their space rather than a second home being used only for a couple of months a year by a single household. Here at Pass the Keys, we believe everyone should ‘live like a local’, enjoying local produce and supporting the local economy. 

In fact, according to research by Oxford Economics, it is estimated that spending by Airbnb guests supported thousands of jobs across the UK in 2019, including over 22,500 in London, nearly 2,000 in Manchester, over 1,000 each in Bristol and Brighton, nearly 5,000 across the south west in Devon and Cornwall, and over 3,500 in Wales. For the same regions, travel on Airbnb supported five local jobs on average for every 1,000 Airbnb guests who visited.

According to an Airbnb study of hosts and guests*, 87% of hosts provide recommendations within their local area, and 56% of hosts said they recommend that their guests visit areas not well-known among tourists. Pass the Keys operates in over 70+ locations across the UK, with our hosts contributing to small businesses in areas that have not economically benefited from tourism in the past. The survey also found that 55% of Airbnb guests spent more on other goods and services at their destination, thanks to the lower cost of staying at an Airbnb rather than a hotel. Small businesses suffered heavily during the recent pandemic, but with 82% of Airbnb hosts recommending businesses that are locally owned to their guests, the short-letting industry is working wonders to help local communities thrive after some tough years.

** According to an internal Airbnb survey completed in January 2020 and sent to host and guest accounts around the world who used Airbnb in 2019. 

If you are looking to start a short-let property franchise that works in partnership with your local community, then why not give us a call today on 020 8050 2818.


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