How to scale a cleaning business…

When it comes to growing a business, a cleaning service provides a safe bet to scale your business and achieve tangible results in a short period. Cleaning services are always in high demand, especially as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic alongside the growing trend for “staycation” holidays and WFH retreats in the UK. 

Here are 5 steps to scale your cleaning business:

  • Build a quality reputation

Before you even begin to scale your business, your first priority should be building a solid base of regular, satisfied customers. These are the foundation stones of any successful business so ensure you always go above and beyond to earn your business a reputation as a reliable and quality service.

  • Create quality content

In 2022, digital marketing is non-negotiable so get creative on social media to promote your company! Achieve higher ranking search results with a variety of blog articles, quality web content, videos, and consistent social media posts. Ensure your content is consistent and interactive and you will soon grow a following.

  • Stand out from the crowd

The cleaning industry is a competitive market so advertising what makes you unique is essential! Demonstrate to customers how your service is different by making it personal. Plug the market gap of what local clients are missing from other cleaning companies and you will soon raise yourself to the gold standard.

  • Get out into the community 

Despite the hours we spend online, there will always be a percentage of society who will be more amenable to traditional marketing methods, and these methods should not be underestimated. Especially if you live in a close-knit or rural community. Posting flyers, getting involved with local community events and engaging with sponsorship opportunities.

  • Carve out a niche

Consider how you can best serve your community and stick to that size of customer. For example, if you live in a location with high tourism rates, focus on serving local short-let hosts, and excel at providing a quality cleaning service to this market. If you widen your market, you may risk issues with supply, inconsistent quality and lose profit to larger facilities. 

Why not scale your business with a Pass the Keys Franchise?

You may already work with property management companies, providing quality cleaning services that help achieve 5* guest reviews. Or, you may even have been approached by short-let property owners to provide a fully managed service to guests. 

Cleaning is a vital component of Airbnb hosting and the most time consuming. The quality of cleaning can turn a 5* review upside down and have lasting effects for hosts. As the owner of a cleaning business, you will appreciate this and have all the right people in place to provide a property management service with a quality cleaning service hosts can rely on. As one of the UK’s largest short-let property management franchises, we provide you with the opportunity to offer a fully managed service which compliments your existing business to scale your client base.

To find out more about owners of cleaning businesses who have invested in a Pass the Keys franchise, please read Adam, Sue and Olivia’s stories. Both franchises have run their cleaning business in parallel with their Pass the Keys property management service, with Adam in Scarborough and Sue and Olivia in North Somerset. Both have met with success as running the businesses in parallel gives them the ability to control and leverage rates to meet demands. This has been hugely advantageous for both businesses’ operational profit.

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