Kris, South Manchester

Pass the Keys are journeying into the popular suburbs of the South from the third best city in the world, Manchester! The UK’s leading short let management service is now offering services to the property owner and Managing Director of Ideal Property Group, Kris Sparrow.

Hi Kris, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Kris Sparrow, and I have lived in South Manchester all my life. I have over 15 years experience in the HMO and SA management marketplace with companies Ideal Property Group, IdealHouseshare, founded in 2009, and idealCrashpads. Since becoming a father in 2017, my focus has shifted toward my children, but I’m still willing to challenge myself and those around me out of their comfort zones.

How were you drawn to partnering with Pass the Keys?

We were initially invited by Pass the Keys. Once we were approached, we did our research and realized that they were the leading market in the UK! My wife and business partner, Andreya, and I felt it was too good to pass up. Some of Pass the Keys operations are much more efficient and effective, and we realized that partnering up seems like a productive step forward for us to grow ourselves.

Why is South Manchester good for short-letting on platforms like Airbnb?

It’s already apparent to everyone that Manchester is an incredible place to experience, as it is voted one of the best cities. But the advantage here is that people increasingly seek out more suburban areas outside the city.

Why does South Manchester need a short-let management company like Pass the Keys?

The competition is increasing, and people are starting to realize a new world of opportunities in Serviced Accommodation (SA). Since their rise in popularity and unique benefits compared to any other types of property are becoming known, Pass the Keys is an efficient company that will help ensure the best results from this opportunity. It’s another step up in the progression of making your life simpler whilst increasing overall revenue.

What is your top tip for homeowners short-letting their property on sites like Airbnb?

There are many general tips for homeowners, such as keeping organized, responsive, and attentive…but one of the most overlooked yet important tips is ensuring that you have good professional photographs of the properties.

Many people still take shots on their phones, which can significantly affect guest responses. You need to be a property owner that caters to the guest’s time. Start by thinking in their shoes. Keeping mindful of their entire customer experience from start to finish, what would you look for or appreciate?

Kris is extremely excited about this new step forward for everyone in the efficiency of the guests’ experience, landlords, and everyone involved. He tells all to watch this space!

If you have a property in South Manchester and are interested to find out how much you could earn as a short-let host through Airbnb, give Pass the Keys Manchester a call at (+447967202325) or email You can also visit our website and get a quote on how much your property could earn through short-letting. Simply visit Pass the Keys – South Manchester.

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