Alexander, Marbella, Spain


Since its creation in London in 2015, Pass The Keys has revolutionized the short-term rental market, becoming the UK’s largest professional co-host. Due to its success in the United Kingdom, Pass The Keys has decided to expand its services outside the British Isles. Marbella in Spain, will be the first city to enjoy PTK’s services and its numerous advantages.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Alexander, I was born in Bilbao. I studied therapeutic pedagogy at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and I have worked as a teacher and tutor, providing care and hospitality services to children of different abilities (some with severe disabilities), both in Spain and the UK.

What drew you to partnering with Pass the Keys?

While I lived in the UK, I got to know PTK through adds and word of mouth. I’ve always been interested in the hospitality sector, so I quickly enquired and learnt about the service they offered and how it all worked. Given my hospitable character, I have been waiting for PTK to launch in Spain as I am convinced it will work very well, where short term rentals are thriving in some cities like Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian and of course Marbella!

The knowhow, the technology, the values, and the close collaboration with other franchisees is what drew me to partner with PTKs as I am convinced it’ll be key for the success of this launch.

Why is Marbella good for short-letting on platforms like Airbnb?

Marbella is the main tourist city of the Costa del Sol. Since the 1950s it has been very popular with Spanish and foreign tourists, attracted by its beaches that extend for more than 27 kilometers, its famous Puerto Banus filled with luxury yachts and superyachts, its candid and hospitable people and the excellent coexistence of residents and tourists.

Why does Marbella need a short-let management company like Pass the Keys?

Pass the Keys Marbella offers a comprehensive end to end management service to its clients (the property owners). Around half of the property owners that advertise their property on short term letting portals do not live locally and hence need help to service their apartments properly. We are local and on hand to deal with the day to day running of the property and ensure the comfort of all guests.

I am so excited to be part of this journey with PTK who have trusted me to land their first ever partnership in Spain!
If you have a property in Marbella and are interested to find out how much you could earn as a short-let host through Airbnb, give Pass the Keys Marbella a call on +34 621350664. You can also visit our website and get a quote on how much your property could earn through short-letting.
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