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Pass the Keys, the UK’s leading short-let management company is delighted to announce a new addition to its growing portfolio of operations around the UK, this time in the beautiful, timeless region of Richmondshire in North Yorkshire along with the neighboring territories of Teesdale and Darlington just over the border in County Durham.

Pass the Keys (PTK) is a game-changer in terms of short-let property management companies, having been built on the understanding that the hard work, time and hassle associated with short-letting puts a lot of property owners off entering the market. Their solution is an innovative model that removes all the inconvenience of managing short-lets while enabling landlords to maximize their rental income.

The proof is in the pudding: since its inception in 2015, PTK has transformed the operations and outcomes for hundreds of property owners throughout the country, at the same time creating a collection of beautiful, desirable houses and homes for thousands of domestic and international guests to enjoy.

Now, PTK Richmondshire franchise owners Bev and Richard Stainthorp and sister and operations guru Mandy Gale look forward to bringing PTK’s unique package of services to property owners across the region to help make the short-term and holiday let experience as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

Read on to learn more about the Richmondshire team and what it can do for you.

How and why did you decide to team up with Pass the Keys?

Our discovery of and subsequent partnership with PTK was somewhat serendipitous. Although Richard had officially retired, I was searching for a new challenge that would use my professional skills of yesteryear in the copywriting and communications industry with my current job of running our own holiday cottage in Teesdale, County Durham.

A PTK flyer with their unique franchise proposition dropped through the letterbox one day, and with it, the opportunity I had been looking for; the chance to use my experience in the holiday-let industry to expand my property portfolio with the backing of a young, dynamic company and its ground-breaking business model.

Luckily for me, Richard also saw the potential, and it didn’t take much to tempt Mandy on board too. Together we have a nice combination of skills and experience to provide the best possible service for property owners of our territory. Richard has worked in the mining industry as a mining engineer for 45 years and likes nothing more than a juicy project to get stuck into. Mandy’s talent, know-how, and experience lie in organization and administration – key competencies for the successful and efficient delivery of the PTK model.

From the outset, we were impressed with PTK’s technology, software, and systems which effectively automate 70% of the routine management of a short-let operation and, consequently, allow us, the franchise owners, to focus on providing a bespoke service to every property owner.

But what appealed to us was the PTK ethos – the idea that all stakeholders must benefit from the relationship: property owners first and foremost, service providers, suppliers, franchisees, PTK itself, and the local economy.  Not forgetting the guests giving up their precious time and money to stay in a PTK-managed property.  This duty of care aligns nicely and naturally with our business philosophy.

Why is Richmondshire good for short-letting on platforms like Airbnb?

We have lived in the Richmondshire area for over 20 years and know how popular it is with local and international holidaymakers. It is unsurprising, with its amazing landscapes, unspoiled countryside, rich history, and cultural heritage, and a host of picture-postcard towns and villages served by an interesting mix of independent shops and local eateries.

Just over the River Tees and perhaps less well-known as a holiday destination, County Durham is a small, compact county that packs well above its weight in terms of holiday attractions and experiences. The Durham Dales are part of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a UNESCO Global Geopark so they are a haven for lovers of the great outdoors. But the area also boasts charming towns and villages, medieval castles, award-winning museums, and an amazing cultural legacy to explore and enjoy.

Both areas have benefitted massively from the popularity of staycations over the last couple of years. While this may have plateaued, we believe they will continue to be a part of the travel mix for local holidaymakers. After all, we’ve grown to like the home-from-home comforts associated with self-catering short-lets, are less inclined to endure the inconvenience of international travel, and are more aware and attuned to ecological-related issues.

Why does Richmondshire need a short-let management company like Pass the Keys?

Pass the Keys can help this trend grow and flourish with its comprehensive end-to-end service and dynamic pricing model; we cover all the bases, so the property owner doesn’t have to remove all the stresses and strains of short-term letting while maximizing the benefits in terms of rental income.

It has all the makings of a beautiful partnership: we bring PTK’s complete wraparound service to property owners of Richmondshire, Darlington, and the Durham Dales while giving a small, stunning piece of the North-East to the PTK network for guests to discover, visit and enjoy.

What is your top tip for homeowners short-letting their property on sites like Airbnb?

Landlords should consider how to make their property as attractive appealing as possible to potential guests. Our top tip here is to look at it from the guest’s point of view; if you put a lot of thought and effort into creating a lovely living space that would suit you, the chances are that your guests will like and appreciate it too. Above all, though, it must be sparkling clean and well-maintained.

If you have a property in Richmondshire, Darlington, or Teesdale and are interested in finding out how much you could earn as a short-let host through Pass the Keys, give PTK Richmondshire a call on (01748) 902909. You can also visit our website and get a quote on how much your property could earn through short-letting. Simply visit

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