Gordon, Rye and Camber

The UK’s leading short-let management service, Pass The Keys, is now offering its expertise in one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations; the beautiful sunshine coast of Rye & Camber.  

We catch up with Gordon to find out more!

Tell us a about yourself!

I was born on the south coast, have lived across Europe and North America and have wound up right where I started. I spent many years as a TV drama producer and then moved into hospitality, having worked at some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants across the UK and most recently a well-known private members’ club in London. The skills I have developed allow me to both pinpoint the exacting needs of a guest, and at the same time have the practical ‘know-how’ to deliver on my promise.

What drew you to partnering with Pass the Keys?

The simple answer is ‘trust’. Pass The Keys is the number one trusted short-let property management company in the world. Homeowners trust Pass The Keys and so do guests. Property owners want to be assured that they are getting the best return on their investment, that guests are vetted, their homes are safe, all wrapped up in an efficient hassle-free experience. 

Guests want to know that the property is spotless, can be accessed 24/7, has the highest level of amenities and that there is an expert local team to help them make the most of their stay!

Why is Rye & Camber ideally suited to short-term letting on platforms like Airbnb?

Being such a great place to visit is what drew my young family here in the first place. We are only an hour from London, have some of the best beaches in the country, have unrivaled historic places to visit and we make the best wine in the UK (Prince William and Kate Middleton even had it at their wedding reception!). Whether it’s outdoor activities such as golf or kitesurfing, relaxing in the sun, or simply strolling around curiosity shops in our beautiful cobbled streets, Rye & Camber has it all.

We also have some of the most interesting properties for guests to rent; there are few other locations in the UK where small cosy fisherman’s cottages can sit alongside some of the most amazing modern beachfront properties in Europe – short-breakers and foreign family visitors have a huge spectrum to choose their ideal holiday base from.

We have over 1 million visitors to Rye and the Rother district every year (and that number is growing) and cultural changes mean that the vast majority of people now look to private accommodation for their home-from-home needs – Airbnb and Pass The Keys are the perfect solution.

Why does Rye & Camber need a short-let management company like Pass The Keys?

From personal experience, I know that running your own short-let property can be hugely difficult, time-consuming, and often more stressful than it needs to be. Whether it’s sourcing cleaners, washing linen, communicating with guests, or even just telling the world your property exists, running a short-let property can be a real challenge. Pass the Keys take all the hassle, time and stress away from homeowners and allow them to really enjoy the real benefits of short-let ownership, not all the pitfalls.

The bespoke technology developed by Pass the Keys (PTK Connect App) allows the host to keep up to date with property bookings, cleaning photographs, access logs, guest feedback, and most importantly earnings; all at the touch of a button on their mobile phone from a beach or chic bistro anywhere in the world. 


If you have a passion for the short-letting industry and are looking to become your own boss, then why not consider becoming a Pass the Keys Franchise Partner? Operating and managing properties across their local area, our Franchise Partners are supported by the reputation and technology of a national brand, to grow a successful, cutting-edge local business.

To request more information, please visit us at https://franchise.passthekeys.com or give us a call on 020 8050 2818 today.


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